It's almost time for the Big Jersey BBQ and Brew Festival! By attending the festival, you'll be able to enjoy delicious BBQ and other types of food from several New Jersey caterers. In excitement of the event, we asked the men of NJ101.5 to share their favorite foods to grill.

  • 1

    Big Joe Henry

  • 2

    Dennis Malloy

    Dennis' favorite food to grill is kielbasa.

  • 3

    Jim Gearhart

    Jim says that if he had to choose anything to grill, it would definitely be a leg of lamb.

  • 4

    Eric Scott

    Eric Scott's favorite food to BBQ is ribs.

  • 5

    Jeff Deminski

    Jeff Deminski enjoys grilling a classic burger. He prides himself on being a master burger griller, and claims he has "never misgrilled a burger before!"

  • 5

    Bill Doyle

    Bill Doyle enjoys grilling steaks on the BBQ.

  • 5

    Bob Williams

    Bob's favorite grilling food is pork chops that are 1-2 inches thick. He seasons it with the special pork chop seasoning from Patti's Restaurant in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.

  • 7

    Double Down

    Double Down's favorite food to BBQ is grilled chicken.