NJ Weedman is seeing double from the medical marijuana laws in NJ and is hoping that at the very least, NJ will find continuity with other states that have medical marijuana laws going forward.

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

According to a recent interview with Jeff Edelstein of the The Trentonian, NJ Weedman would like to see NJ's Medical Marijuana laws mirror those of the other states that classify marijuana as medical.

Under NJ law, marijuana is Schedule I drug, which under that law, can be classified as Schedule I among other things if  it " has no accepted medical use in treatment in the United States." Last time we checked, the term "medical" was in front of the word marijuana in the NJ law books as well. While one law tells us marijuana has no medical value, the other, more recent law, tells us marijuana does have medical use. So which is it?

Ed Forchion, otherwise known as NJ Weedman, has filed a legal brief in Evesham to challenge the "catch 22" theory of the current laws of medical marijuana. You may remember that Forchion was recently arrested for possession of marijuana possession in Evesham.

Not only is Forchion challenging the laws himself, he is making it easy for everyone else to challenge it as well. NJ Weedman has set up a pdf file where you can download a legal brief, print it out if you were arrested on marijuana charges since the laws have changed. You can view and print that legal brief by going to http://njweedman.com/challenge.pdf.

NJ Weedman heard Jim discussing this story and called in to express it in his own words. You can listen to what Forchion had to say about his feelings about this in the audio player below.