New Jersey has enjoyed a very mild winter, so this week's monster storm could catch some folks off-guard.

The worst-case scenarios have us getting dozens of inches.

So here's a refresher on the most Jersey ways to prep for a giant, wintry blast. Just in case.

Brace yourself: the French toast stock-up is upon us.

When snow hits the forecast, Jersey hits the dairy aisle.  (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ)

Every time winter weather threatens to become nasty, Jersey grocery stores see a run on bread, eggs and milk. Even if you don't intend to follow the crowd, the empty shelves are enough to make you instinctively hoard any of those staples — or just make sure you have enough to get through the week.

Maybe those "Local Winter" days at the beach will quiet down.

Jersey Shore residents have been really living up the unseasonable weather, by sneaking in extra surfing, Boardwalk strolling and more flip flop-wearing than usual.  It's time to finally break out the socks, people. But if you're brave enough to deal with this week's cold, you'd better get out there now, before the skies (may) open up.

Complain about any impending travel restrictions. 

Really, we're never happy.

But, also complain when a business or school doesn't heed a State of Emergency. 

When Gov. Christie declared a state of emergency late last winter, dozens of Twitter users urged colleges and high schools around New Jersey to call off classes for the day.

Tune up your skis and snowboards.

Jersey skiers and snowboarders are eager for a real blast of winter (Steve Frost, BananaStock/ThinkStock)

The local slopes in north Jersey have had to contend with this wacky weather too. Mountain Creek and Campgaw Mountain visitors would welcome some natural powder to shred on.

Get ready for the gas station flurry.  

Low gas prices and potential for snow likely mean an NJ Gas Flurry (Lorenzo Patoia, ThinkStock)

Regardless of how these weather forecast models shape up, come Friday, be prepared to wait in line at pumps around Jersey.  With low gas prices, drivers are bound to top off their tanks "just in case."

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