Personally I skeeve public hot tubs.

Hot cauldrons of chlorinated water where you can just imagine all that’s gone on in there. Should kids under 17 be allowed in them? Personally that’s up to you.

And that’s the point, because “Mother State” is looking out for you either way.

According to a piece of state legislation that’s currently moving forward, New Jersey teens could be banned from using hot tubs.

According to this report

Hotels, health clubs or parents could be on the hook for fines as high as $500 if minors under age 17 use a hot tub in New Jersey, under a proposal endorsed Monday by the state Senate health committee.

The plan offered by Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney would prohibit anyone under 17 from using hot tubs in commercial establishments such as hotels, health clubs, swimming pools or campgrounds.

Such places could be fined if they fail to post a sign displaying the rule — $100 for a first offense, $250 for a second offense and $500 for subsequent offenses.

If a minor uses a hot tub, the same fines would apply. The commercial establishment would not be liable if it had a sign posted; changes made to the bill Monday make clear that a parent or legal guardian would be liable for the fine if someone under 17 used a publicly accessible hot tub where there was proper signage but there was not round-the-clock supervision of the area.

The bill is a long way from becoming law. It still needs three legislative approvals, plus the signature of Gov. Chris Christie.

Even then, it wouldn’t take effect until nearly six months from the date it gets signed.

Again, I’m not a fan of the hot tub. The idea of being a human won-ton does not appeal to me, so I don’t know why someone would want to have their kids bathe in one.

But again, you don’t live, thankfully, by my rules. You set your own. And if it’s ok by you to allow your kids to bob around in the stew, go right ahead.

Besides, I thought Steve Sweeney had better things to do.