By Jeff Deminski

You may soon be held accountable for a text-related car accident, even when you are nowhere near a car.

An NJ court decided in a recent case that people who text someone at the time they get into an accident can, in some way, be held responsible.

This is ridiculous. One aspect of their ruling which could affect future cases is that you would have to reasonably know that the person you sent the text to would read it while driving.

How would you possibly know that? I can't imagine a scenario that you would have that knowledge. Is it just that you know their habits and routines?

This is what the judge in the case actually said:

We conclude that the person sending text messages has the duty not to send a text to someone who is driving if the texter knows or has special reason to know the recipient will review the text while driving."

Like I said – how would you possibly know that?

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