The first American phrase young Asian women learn before coming to the states is, "how do I get to New Jersey"? Much like Italians who have come here and made New Jersey the pizza capital of the country and the Greeks and Turks have made us the diner capital, our state is #1 in nail salons. These industrious, hard working, mostly women, come from a variety of Asian countries, and seem to do particularly well in the Garden State.

There are five in my neighborhood and a total of 30 in my town of Marlton. There are 36 places to get a hair blowout. I've lived in New Jersey most of my life and I think my mom may have gotten her nails done once or twice in her lifetime, and that was probably for a wedding. But in recent years the numbers of women and the number of nail salons has exploded, especially here. Have women gotten more affluent and comfortable? Sure.

Many women make more than their male counterparts, despite the political rhetoric. That's great, but could that be the only reason? Nope. Vanity and competition spurred on by social media. How many pictures of women's nails have you seen on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook? I rest my case.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for it. I don't care what a woman's nails look like. It has no effect on me whatsoever, but if it makes a woman feel good...awesome! The main reason I love it is the fact that it grows small businesses and the local economy, and it gives new entrepreneurial immigrants a piece of the American dream. So ladies, please keep painting your nails and blowing out your hair. It's good for New Jersey and America!

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