The auto pricing website studied new car sales data to find out which states posted the lowest percentage of American brand car purchases last year. The worst states are listed followed by the percentage of cars purchased that are American made.

51 Hawaii 19.4%
50. District of Columbia 22.6%
49. California 22.9%
47-T. Connecticut 25.8%
47-T. Massachusetts 25.8%
46. New Jersey 26.7%
45. Rhode Island 28.7%
44. Florida 29.8%
43. Maryland 30.3%
42. Washington 30.6%

I grew up in New Jersey but I spent over a decade in Michigan, home of Detroit and the Big 3. So you can guess which state is number 1 in American made cars. In fact back in the day you didn't want to "work the line" at one of the auto plants and show up not driving an American car. At the end of your shift, you might find it with four flat tires or worse. Even after things got more civilized, autoworkers who drove foreign cars were made to park in lots very, very far from the plant whereas those who drove what they made were allowed to park much closer.

So what states are the top 10 most loyal to American cars?

1. Michigan 79.2%
2. North Dakota 68.1%
3. South Dakota 65.6%
4. Iowa 63.2%
5. Wyoming 62.6%
6. Montana 61.1%
7. Nebraska 59.7%
8. Oklahoma 59.0%
9. Arkansas 55.7%
10. Indiana 54.5%