This was the weekend I had to send my older kids off for their summer visitation with their mother in Florida. I used JetBlue this time, which put us in terminal A. Walking towards our gate, I saw something I had never seen before.

You know how some people get oddly uptight about a mother nursing her child in public? Someone thinks they came up with a solution. This pod-like structure is sitting there in the concourse. A breastfeeding mom is supposed to crawl inside this thing and hide herself from the fragile eyes of the world.

If breastfeeding truly offends you, I think you're really old or just really need to get over it. You are sexualizing the act. That's always what this comes down to even if the offended don't want to admit it. You feel the female breast is nothing but sexual therefore should be unexposed. I hate to break it to you but Bud Light's ad agency did not design the human anatomy. Nature has other ideas of what the breast's purpose is. You can enjoy the female form. That's normal. It's part of the instinctual biological imperative to reproduce. But if you're going to get hung up on it when a little baby just needs to eat, grow up and look away.

Now all that being said, I'm not claiming these breastfeeding jail cells are a bad idea. Some breastfeeding mothers themselves are uncomfortable with doing this in public view. If the mom wants to use one of these it's a nice option. I just hate that many moms will be made to feel that they have to.

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