The trailer for the new Rocky Balboa spinoff “Creed” is out and there are plenty of familiar Rocky locations in it.

Did you ever expect Rocky to last this long? We’ve lived through the “Italian Stallion” just trying to last in the ring with Apollo Creed in Rocky 1. Then Rocky was the ultimate underdog who beats the champ in Rocky II. Rocky faced off against his biggest rival to date, beating Clubber Lang and losing his long-time trainer, Mick in Rocky III. It was fight not only between Rocky and Ivan Drago, but among nations with U.S.A. ad Russia in Rocky IV.  Rocky comes back to his native streets to beat Tommy Gunn in Rocky 5 and then returns again in his 60’s, to beat a fighter 30 years younger in “Rocky Balboa.”

Just when you think there’s nothing left to do with Rocky's character, he’s back training “Creed,” Apollo's son, in the seventh installment of the classic series, to be released Nov 25th.

What is it about Rocky that makes you keep coming back for more? What other movie characters do you love to keep seeing in new movies?  Which movie characters overstayed their welcome with too many sequels or spin offs?