Imagine you are hurrying to get to work when you hit an unexpected detour. You are being redirected to a location you're not sure of. Now you're gonna be late for work. Frantic, you continue on until you get to your destination. Wouldn't it be great to be 100 percent aware of this ahead of time?  A new plan is now being studied that could ease your headaches if a situation like that comes up.

The plan is being looked at by the North Jersey Transportation Authority. It's called the Integrated Corridor Management System and it's something that has been done in other states. It would integrate the transportation system so you'll know about problems out on the roadways and on the rails. There are several components from an early warning electronic notification setup to access through internet and smartphones about what's happening out there.

Ocean County Freeholder James Lacey sits on the board. He says "while this is in the very early stage of development, the idea is to better communicate through the two way connection. We have learned a lot in the last few years that getting accurate information out in a timely manner is important for public safety and to limit issues on the roads. The plan would be implemented statewide."

One component allows you to know of detours and accidents as soon as police get word. There's even an idea being kicked around to let you check how many people are on a train you need to ride and if there are any seats left.

Lacey says it could be several years before it's implemented but they are currently examining their funding options.