The dating site conducted a survey, not to really find out the sexiest accent in North America but to do something for marketing to get the name of their website out, so there, we bit. Nonetheless, the rankings of sexiest accents in North America place New Jersey as 5th sexiest. New York is sexier at number 2. Now I always thought a New Jersey accent, if you're talking a central to northern New Jersey accent, is pretty much the same thing as a New York accent only slightly watered down. Slightly less pronounced. Like a light beer. New York accent light is, to me, a Jersey accent. Anyway, the rankings went like this:

1) Southern U.S.
2) New York
3) Western U.S.
4) New England
5) New Jersey
6) Canadian
7) Midwestern U.S.
8) Mid-Atlantic U.S.

Then I wondered, what if you opened it up to the whole planet? What then? Where is the sexiest accent?

Feel free to leave your answer for the sexiest accent in the world in the comment section below.