Obviously someone thinks our school age children who have been horribly picked on by bullies in school look to aging politicians for advice.  I know when I was a kid I always wondered what an 87 year old politician in a suit would do in my situation.  Now if they made the mistake of enlisting the cast of Jersey Shore or iCarly, you know, people who the kids actually know and like, to let them know middle school won't last forever and to hang tough, well that would be an obvious mistake.  What kid would take notice of that?  While the use of old politicians will certainly grab the attention of any picked on 12 year old, may I suggest even better fits?  Such as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  Imagine getting THAT guy's autograph and being the envy of all your friends!  Or the director of the Office of Weights and Measures.  With the way kids look up to these people, I'm sure those videos will be created soon.