No amount of punishment would be enough to serve justice in the death of little Tierra Morgan-Glover at the hands of her father – Arthur Morgan III.

According to Channel 7 in New York, Morgan has been found guilty of his daughter’s death – a death in which he placed her - while in her car seat weighed down with a 5 pound tire jack – into a creek.

Previous reports indicated that as he drove away from the scene of the crime – he could hear the cries of the child in the distance.

According to this report from

Prosecutors say he killed Tierra to get back at her mother for breaking off their engagement. They say he weighed down her pink car seat with a tire jack.

Morgan could be ordered to spend the rest of his life behind bars when he is sentenced later this year.
Defense lawyers had asked the jury to convict Morgan of reckless manslaughter, which could have seen him freed in as little as five years.

I won’t even broach the idea of a death sentence. While we should have it – reality is we don’t.
But justice would certainly be served should he spend the rest of his life behind bars living every waking moment to the sound of those far-off cries from the child he so callously murdered.