Arthur Morgan III should die. He is on trial for the cold-blooded murder of his own 2-year old daughter, Tierra Morgan-Glover.

Arthur Morgan III at his extradition hearing in San Diego Superior Court (

The girl's mother Imani Benton broke off their engagement but still wanted her ex to be in his daughter's life. Even though Arthur Morgan III was not taking the breakup well, phoning her 590 times in one day for example, she never thought his unstable obsession would affect his relationship with their daughter. She arranged to meet him at a dollar store to hand over Tierra for the afternoon so he could take her to see Happy Feet Two. He showed up not having any money. So wanting her daughter to have a relationship with the father she even gave him money for the movie and for snacks for Tierra. When they parted, she says Morgan yelled at her through the car window all the while she walked home.

Morgan never took his daughter to see the movie. Instead it is alleged he took her to a bridge in Shark River Park in Wall Township. There he left the 2 year old strapped in the car seat but took the car seat out of the car. Then weighed the car seat down with a heavy metal car jack, prosecutors say to be sure it would sink, and threw his own daughter off the bridge to her drowning death in the cold, dirty water. While in custody, Morgan wrote a letter to Imani Benton. In it was written, "We're famous. Infamous. Don't let just anyone play me in the TV movie. Wright the book baby. I <3 you!"

The jury got the case today. The defense lawyer described Arthur Morgan III as a loving father who snapped under the pressure and asked the jury to let him go in as little as five years.

If you were on the jury, what sentence would you hand out?