On Monday, I wrote an article and discussed  whether it was right for Daniel Tosh, who hosts the top show on Comedy Central and whose stand up set includes rape jokes, to use one of those jokes on a female who heckled him for it.

Among those who called in Monday night were Suzy Yengo, owner and national booker for the Catch A Rising Star Comedy chain, Joe Piscopo, who was performing that night with his band at the Surflight theatre in Beach Haven, and of course you. Here are some of the other responses I’ve received from other noted Jersey comics:


Geno Bisconte grew up in Vineland and now performs all over the Tri State area and has written for several Comedy Central roasts.


I've been talking about this all week...

Daniel tosh was right to apologize for the poor way he handled that heckler. As much as the woman who complained had the right to stand up and point out her ignorance of what was a brilliant joke, his job in handling the heckler that she was was really to point out how ridiculous she was acting.  But the only people that annoy me more than that ridiculous woman are the people that defend Tosh saying he didn't need to apologize... he did for that and nothing else.  Not everything is a joke people, and getting on stage with a microphone doesn't give you the right to be mean and hurtful and then say "it's just a joke."  Tosh.. unlike many of his idiot--- knows this and apologized for one misstep--but he will never apologize for his brilliant set.”


Keith Anthony was hailed by New York Newsday as “one of the best comic talents to come out of Long Island” Keith performs all over New Jersey and among his credits are Showtime and Comedy Central.


I think it's time for people to stop taking Comedy Central celebrities serious.

I also think that Daniel Tosh should reach a little deeper into his condescending bag of tricks.

There's freedom of speech and then there's classless shock humor.

Just because you can say it, doesn't mean you should.

Shock comedy died in the nineties when the burned the red brick wall backdrop.

Comedy clubs are one of the last stands to pitch the freedom of speech flag.

Don't give the cell phone politically correct yet uneducated group any more power than they already have.

They are too politically correct about things that need not be politically correct.

But this statement about rape is first year comedy.

Step it up, you're a millionaire.


Tosh has since apologized and is reportedly scrambling to remove all rape jokes from his set.


One final word of advice, once again, if you’re going to a comedy club this weekend and there are things that offend you. Check out who you’re going to see first, then decide if it’s worth the price of admission and the 2 drink minimum.