Thousands gave their lives to set up a new government in Iraq - only to see it fall apart. That’s behind the President’s decision to send another round of troops to stand by in Qatar.

And while they’re standing by, the President reserves the right to send them into Iraq once again should the need arise.

This has to be hard on our troops, and especially on their family members who will see them once again possibly put their lives on the line – and certainly put their lives on hold.

But, thankfully, for the most part, family members are supporting them.

For the rest of us here at home, the tale may be different.

This is what I love about these brave men and women. Despite some of the bitter feelings Iraqis have toward the United States, troops are only too willing to go back in and correct what's wrong.

It's their eternal optimism in the face of danger that I admire the most. When duty calls, they’re at the ready to jump into a region fraught with hostile factions who want nothing to do with us.

Hence they'd appreciate our support - despite our ill feelings.
Personally I support the effort - I just don't support the policy. It has the feeling of Vietnam all over again.

Do you support the effort to send 462 New Jersey National Guard Troops to Qatar?