"Get the hell ON the beach!" (Craig Allen photo)

Its nice to be back "on the air!" Maybe you noticed that I was away for the past two weekends. I was "down the shore!" Come on along!

Welcome to Ocean City! (Craig Allen photo)

Saturday to Saturday, I was doing as Governor Christie advised...spending some leisure time (and money) at the Jersey Shore!

Nah...those aren't storm clouds... (Craig Allen photo)

We only had two brief showers the whole week...followed by lots of sun! So, I had a lot of outdoor time!

Thats a ZERO! (Craig Allen photo)

I walked the Ocean City boardwalk end to end several times...soaking up the sun, and checking out the sites...the shops...and the people!

"Hitting the boards" by day... (Craig Allen photo)
...and by night! (Craig Allen photo)

I did respectably at neon miniature golf...and rode a few rides...

The BIG Ferris Wheel was BIG fun at night! (Craig Allen photo)

The view from the top of the Ferris Wheel...all the lights...all the neon...is really cool! Sadly, no "night photo" does it justice. But, I do have to wonder...

UNDER the Ferris Wheel... (Craig Allen photo)

...whats up with the giraffe UNDER the Ferris wheel? But, I digress.

And, I PASSED on this ride...but my friends went on...and (even though it was dark), they all looked a little "green" afterwards!

The "Spin And Spew!" (Craig Allen photo)

I'm not so good at the "spinning" rides anymore. And, I (used to) love them!

I caught a Mummers String Band on an evening "stroll." (Craig Allen photo)

So much to see and do!

"Feed Me!" (Craig Allen photo)

Unlike our seagull friend, I enjoyed the ice cream...curly's fries...pizza...and more!

Making the world-famous Saltwater Taffy!! YUM! (Craig Allen photo)

And, kept walking...on the boardwalk, and off...to "walk it off!"

"Is it live...or is it...Memorex?" (Craig Allen photo)

Walking downtown...this grabbed my attention! From a distance, the dog sure looked real!

This is how I'm feeling all week! So very WELCOME! (Craig Allen photo)
I see Sponge Bob and Patrick...and "Spidey"... (Craig Allen photo)

Lots of kids are staying at this house, I imagine!

Not so many "kids" here... (Craig Allen photo)

On the other hand, this motel is probably the only place in town with vacancies. Think of it as an investment opportunity! Who's in?

I'm thinking that this cart wandered a little far from home! (Craig Allen photo)
Want to stay longer? This "fixer-upper" is for sale! (Craig Allen photo)

I'm still walking...camera at the ready!

Neither rain nor snow...nor sleet..nor saltwater...will stop the U.S. Mail! (Craig Allen photo)
"Drinks to go?" (Craig Allen photo)

Please remember...while having fun (in Ocean City, and everywhere)...have fun responsibly!

What happens to a bike that is caught using the sidewalks! Its now a purple "planter!" (Craig Allen photo)


(Craig Allen photo)

As I like to say on the show: "Sand, Surf, Sun and Fun!"

(Craig Allen photo)

So many great memories...and did I mention my tan? Thanks to slathering on the SPF, I did not burn (like I did at the neighbor's pool a few weeks back).

(Craig Allen photo)
The Wheel at twilight...  (Craig Allen photo)

Sadly, all good things must come to an end...

Look at all the people starting their Ocean City week (or weekend) as I must say my farewell! (Craig Allen photo)

...but I'll be back NEXT summer, Ocean City! PROMISE!