Ready for your blood to boil? Here we go.

Governor Phil Murphy wants to make good on a year old campaign promise. He wants a brand new state office to be created called the Office of Immigrant Protection. It would fall within the Department of Law and Public Safety and it would provide legal representation to illegals.

"We have one of the most diverse states in the nation, and there's a lot of rumors that circulate around. We want one point of contact where folks can call up and get the right answer," Gov. Murphy said on MSNBC.

The office would provide legal services to anyone living in New Jersey who faces detention and deportation and who cannot afford a lawyer. Yes, you heard this right. Part of this sanctuary state nonsense is your tax money going to pay the legal bills of people who are here illegally.

Perhaps next we should open the Office of Burglar Training, the Bureau of Free Condoms for Hookers, and the Office of Witness Tampering and Intimidation. After all, anything we can do to help people break the law by taking money out of our paychecks must certainly be a worthwhile effort, right?

Governor Christie had already refused state Department of Human Services assistance in providing service to refugee families present in New Jersey. Murphy promised a year ago to reverse this if elected. Now here we are. Your money to help pay their legal bills when they aren't even citizens. This is what the next four years are going to be like. So wrong on so many levels.

That's my take, but what's yours? Take our poll below.

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