The Monmouth County Courthouse in Freehold will reopen for court business on Tuesday.

The Department of Health and Senior Services says they have completed tests for a broad range of chemical and common household compounds with results coming in within normal ranges.

The state Health Department collected 10 air samples last week and tested the samples for a wide range of “volatile organic compounds such as benzene and various chemicals found in cleaning agents and the findings were well within acceptable limits,” explained  State Epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan.

In addition, the State Police Hazardous Materials Unit tested on June 18 for volatile compounds, and the county’s environmental consultant followed up a day later with tests for dust, pollen and mold. Those test results also were within normal ranges.

“Monmouth County officials have done everything that should be done to thoroughly clean the courthouse over the past week," says Dr. Tan.

Judge Lawrence Lawson, assignment judge of the Monmouth County vicinage who has continued to oversee court operations since the disruption of court events in the courthouse, said, "The health and safety professionals from the state and county have been looking out for the safety of our court employees and court users from day one. We are grateful to them for their hard work and are relieved to get back into the courthouse tomorrow and have operations return to normal.