I'm not kidding, and as always, the legendary movie star is bigger than life.

"Forever Marilyn" being disassembled in Chicago.
Getty Images / Scott Olson

Oh we know the real, and arguably, most famous movie sex goddess passed away, can you believe, almost 52 years ago.

A huge statue of Norma Jean is due to arrive in The Great Garden State in the next day or two.

Gargantuan may be more appropriate to describe this sculpture.  It stands 26 feet tall and weighs 34 thousand pounds.

The statue depicts that famous scene of Marilyn in the 1955 movie, "The Seven Year Itch."  You know the shot where she's standing over a subway grate and her white dress shoots up over her knees.  For heavens sake, how can they show such things in a movie?

Back to the statue.  The artwork was created by New Jersey native Seward Johnson.  I have unconfirmed sources that Mr. Johnson is the grandson of Robert Wood Johnson, the founder of New Brunswick based Johnson and Johnson.  This very talented man knows who to call when he needs a band-aid.  Also, our artist friend is reportedly a first cousin of actor Michael Douglas. How could you not be impressed?

For the past couple of years the "Forever Marilyn" statue has been on exhibit in Palm Springs California.  Earlier, it was on display in Chicago, home of the "What you talk'in 'bout Willis?"  tower.

As we speak, the stainless steel and aluminum artwork is on its way to The Grounds for Sculpture located at 19 Fairgrounds Road in Hamilton.

The Marilyn replica will be on display from May 4th through September 21st.

This time it's not goodbye Norma Jean.  It's hello Marilyn.