Michael Kiszka, released from jail but forced to wear a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet over his involvement in an incident where someone smashed a car window and dumped a five pound bucket of feces inside spoke with Steve Trevelise Wednesday night.

"I am the victim in this," says Kiszka, "I am not the one that did it, they have video footage of it. I spent 11 days in jail because of Governor Christie's bail reform act which shut down the government. I'm being prosecuted without even being tried, I gotta wear an ankle bracelet like a child molester and I've got to report once a week."

The reason Kiszka says he has to wear the ankle bracelet is so that he's not a threat to the victim. The incident apparently happened while the parties were in court. Kiszka says they detained him for about 15 minutes while they went through the footage, then they released him. Two weeks later they arrested him after a court appearance. Shouldn't the footage have cleared him? "That's what I would think, but apparently no."

Kiszla, when asked if he thinks he's going to beat this, responded "Hell yeah!"

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