Dennis and Judi take a break from the long work week every Friday at noon for the Dennis & Judi Music Hour.


Each week the theme changes, and this week’s theme was local band songs! You know the songs we’re talking about, the ones that are from bands that were made right here in the Garden State.

Here are Dennis and Judi's picks:

Young Rising Sons - 'High'

Breana Denise: 'Gone"

Here are songs from our callers:

Pat in Hamilton Square
Working Class Hussys - 'North Jersey'

Norm in Freehold
Sara Ann Garrison - 'Half a World Away'

Joe in Toms River
Elevator Art - 'Bear 141'

Steve in Hillsborough
Masi and Baxter - 'Dirty and Cheap'

Anthony in New Egypt
Ace Jones - Until the End

What are some songs from your favorite local artists? Keep the lists going by commenting below.