It's looking more and more like Gov. Christie is going to be finishing out his term in New Jersey, which ends in Jan of 2018. So why not write a book in the meantime? Because state law bars the governor from profiting if he publishes a book in office.

Christie's now in talks with the powers that be to change that law.

So if Gov. Christie were to publish a book, what would the title be? Here's some of the titles our listeners recently suggested:

  • "A Fridge too Far" — Comedian John Kensil
  • "The Girth of a Nation" — Mark Diamond
  • Jay Lustig   "Born To Run" — Jay Lustig
  • "Lord of the Fries" — Susan Petitdemange 
  • "Sit Down and Shut Up!" — Mike Rogers
  • "Food For Thought" — Bill "El Wingador" Simmons
  • "Get the Hell Off The Beach!" — Jerry Lee Watkikns
  • "Gas tax, Bridge gate and Arrogance-The continuing downward spiral of the worst Governor of NJ" — Christine Watson Maslowski
  • "Fleeced" — MaryJo Hamerick
  • "50 shades of BS" — Nancy Fecca

If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

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