Gov. Chris Christie wants to write a book while he's still in office. I'm guessing the book is pretty much done and he just wants to get it published. The problem is a state law prohibiting the governor from profiting from it while in office.

So Christie negotiates with New Jersey's lawmakers and have apparently come up with a deal where he gets to publish his book in exchange for hefty raises given to his cabinet officials, state judges, dozens of legislative aides and others.  For that kind of money, Gov. Christie's book should live on the New York Times best seller list along with a movie deal.

I believe there is an alternative that wouldn't cost us taxpayers anything and the state could profit. Why not have Christie - or any other politician who wants to - write a book while in office, then split the profits with the state? Since he is writing the book while on the job, why shouldn't the state profit? Pick any one of the number of places it could go - perhaps education and school funding or libraries. Surely, they could come up with something.

As his term draws to a close, it seems the governor is getting more and more generous with our tax dollars. First a 23-cent per gallon gas tax that legislators are already planning to use in order to borrow from the pension fund. Then plans for a $300 million renovation of the statehouse and now raises for all those who agree to let him publish his book and then some.

What really sucks about this is that we, the taxpayers, stand powerless while all these decisions are made with our money. For what it's going to cost us, we should at least get a copy of the book. Then again, would you really want one?

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