Legislation that will strengthen penalties for motorists who fail to keep right except when passing has gotten approval in both the State Senate and the General Assembly. It is on Gov. Chris Christie’s desk.

The bill raises the fine from a range of $50 - $200 to a range of $100 - $300. The measure is sponsored by Sen. Donald Norcross and Assemblyman “Whip” Wilson.

“This bill will not only create safer driving conditions for our residents, but it will also serve as a reminder to visitors from out of state,” predicts Norcross. “This bill is an important reminder that reserving the left lane for passing saves gas mileage and will lessen incidents of road rage.”

The legislation also establishes a fund to finance “Keep Right” signage installation and maintenance, with $50 from each fine going to the fund.

“Failure to keep right on our roadways is overlooked by our residents,” says Wilson. “Many are unaware that this can be as detrimental as distracted driving. Strengthening the penalties will help New Jersey and its visitors to realize the importance of being aware and following this law.”

The National Motorists Association (NMA) supports the bill saying it fosters smooth, safe and efficient traffic flow on multi-lane highways.