Ever wish you had the power to make that dreaded "left-lane-lagger" move out of your way? Well then this video will give you some source of satisfaction.  As NJ Lawmakers continue to try and make harsher punishments for those pesky left-lane slow pokes, we have this video to make us feel a little bit better for the next time we get stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle on NJ's roads.

**Please be advised there is some "colorful" language used in the video, so just make sure you are in a safe environment before watching.

Two drivers are recording a left lane driver who is barely doing the speed limit when a NJ state trooper drives up behind that person and kindly shows them the error of their ways by directing the driver to the proper lane that they should they should be driving in.

Whoever the state trooper was should be given a standing ovation for setting that driver straight and doing what many NJ drivers want to do to these left-lane-hangers every day.

Do you think there should be harsher penalties for these "left-lane Richards?" Discuss below.