At least one NJ politician agrees with Jim that we need to do more to combat those dreaded "left-lane-laggers" that get into the left lane on NJ's roads and slow traffic down to a crawl behind them.


The "Discourteous Richards" (among other colorful names) as they are known on the Jim Gearhart show, are the frustration to many NJ drivers. These drivers are oblivious to their surroundings and just hang in the left lane driving at barely the posted speed limit or less.

Assemblyman Declan O' Scanlon announced yesterday that he applauded the NJ State Trooper in the now-viral video who kindly directed the left-lane-hanger in front of him to the proper lane on the road.

You can read O'Scanlon's press release below:

Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon applauded New Jersey’s State Police after viewing a viral video making its rounds online on NJ101.5’s website (found here:

“I applaud both the New Jersey State Police for the conduct of the State Trooper in this video and radio host Jim Gearhart for calling attention to this video and the hazards of driving in the left lanes when you should not be” O’Scanlon said. “It is my hope the driver in this video got the message- without having to receive a fine. The goal of law enforcement officers and lawmakers, at the local and state level, should be the greatest amount of compliance and safety with the least amount of punishment. I hope more people view this video and realize the hazards of travelling in the left lanes when they should not be”.

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon was a prime sponsor of S-530, which increased fines for failure to keep right and constructs more signage to inform motorists. The bill was signed into law by Governor Christie in 2013.


Assemblyman O'Scanlon joined Jim on the program this morning to discuss why he applauded the trooper and why he still pushes enforcement of the left-lane drivers law. The Assemblyman says that while he wants to educate the public and help them understand the rules of the road, he would like to do it with as little punishment as possible, which is exactly what the State Trooper in the video did to the driver of the vehicle.

You can listen to the entire interview in the audio player below.