Congressman Frank Pallone and Senator Frank Lautenberg are taking aim at the twin killers of babies...still births and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

46-hundred cases of babies dying suddenly each year...25-thousand still births. Pallone and Lautenberg say they want to legislate to delve deeper into the causes of these twin killers, so that there is a thorough investigation, and there is also money for training for state and local personnel to do those investigations.

"The loss of a child is devastating, and no parent should have to live without knowing why their child has died. we need to learn more about stillbirths and sudden infant deaths so we can not only give parents peace of mind after a tragedy, but hopefully prevent some of these deaths in the future," Sen. Lautenberg said.

Their legislation would also expand support services, such as grief counseling, for families who have been traumatized by a still birth or SIDS. They would also like to see a National data base that would help beef up educaton efforts for new parents.

There is no known cause for as many as half of all stillbirths in the United States, leaving many parents without answers to the reasons for these deaths. Lautenberg's and Pallone's bill,is called,"The Stillbirth and SUID Prevention, Education, and Awareness Act".