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1) Does Bill Cosby’s silence speak volumes? He refuses to answer rape accusations questions in an AP interview we have online at

2) Do you support the “Aid in Dying” bill?

3) Poll: Should the Governor sign or veto the Pig Gestation Crate Bill? Is it all that important whether or not the practice is banned here?

4) Top 10 toll cheats owe $3M according to the Turnpike Authority. Have you ever blown through tolls and gotten caught?

5) Should the Missouri governor have declared a state of emergency in advance of the Darren Wilson verdict? FBI Warns Ferguson Decision ‘Will Likely’ Lead to Violence By Extremists Protesters.

6) Poll: Are suicide fences enough to stop jumpers from the Driscoll Bridge?

7) Is it ever ok to hit your kids? Did you ever get hit as a kid?

8) Do you have a favorite classic movie – and a more recent favorite? Acclaimed director Mike Nichols dead at 83!

9) Saturday will be Take a Kid Deer Hunting Day in N.J. – Have you ever gone deer hunting with you dad? What were some of the things you did with your dad back in the day?

10) The Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle for tickets to Catch a Rising Star

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Here’s today’s Posse Poll: