Last night Governor Christie got the “Jon Stewart” treatment, as he ripped into the governor’s position on what’s being called a “controversial” bill banning the use of pig gestation crates.

I put the word “controversial” in quotes because it’s not much of a controversy in New Jersey.
Unless you’re one of the 125 thousand people who signed a petition begging the governor to ban the practice statewide.

For anyone who doesn’t know – and it’s been an educational process for most – a gestation crate is a pen that a pig is placed in during gestation that doesn’t allow for much movement. Part of this has to do with restricting them from chasing after one another.

The reason there’s no controversy here is because, at last count, there are around 9 thousand pigs being raised in New Jersey – and none of the farmers here - according to animal activists - uses gestation crates.

Compare that with the 2 million being raised in Iowa, home to the first presidential caucus – where a prospective presidential candidates fate can be sealed.

So by telling Bill Tentinger, an Iowa pork producer and former president of the Iowa Pork Producers Association, that he intended to veto the bill, he, in effect, is saying your (Iowa’s) interests come first.

Despite what he’s been saying all along about how his first responsibility is to the people of New Jersey.

If his claim that his administration was going to be “transparent” – he wasn’t kidding.

His intention here is quite transparent – presidential politics come first.
And the hell with what anyone cares back home. Including the folks who showed up at the statehouse with 125 thousand signatures pleading their case to the Governor.

But, for all practical purposes, does it matter if he signs or vetoes it?

Outside of looking like a guy who has compassion for the plight of pigs, it still has no effect here – unless you’re running for president and need the support of pig farmers in the flyover.