It’s a scam. It really is. It’s not enough that we’re all being suffocated by college debt, but soon, a 4 year degree won’t be good enough.

By the year 2020, 29% of jobs in New Jersey will require a bachelor's degree (Tied for the highest percentage in the whole country). And, an additional 13% of jobs will require a master's or higher. New Jersey already has us trapped financially in so many can just add this to the list.

But what about people who can’t afford college, or simply aren’t cut out for it? In order not to get sucked into this trap, there’s only one thing we can do and that is buck the trend. Encourage our kids to find different ways of getting jobs: going to trade schools, getting two year degrees, or that old fashioned, time-honored idea that is less and less valued in today’s society; starting their own businesses. Perhaps the more people do this, the less people will believe that a college education is mandatory.

Advanced degrees in many fields are overkill: If you’re not becoming a doctor or a lawyer, why do you need more schooling and more loans? Michael Klein, the executive director of the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities told New Jersey 101.5 that a bachelor’s degree “really is the ticket to prosperity and economic well-being." But at what cost?

Loans and debt for years and years in many cases. Yes, eventually, many college graduates will do well. But so will many who have chosen an alternate route.

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