The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that police were wrong to arrest a man who first caught their eye for loitering by leaning on a private porch in a high-crime area. In Burlington City, David Gibson was spotted at 3 o'clock in the morning leaning against the porch of a community center that clearly had a "no loitering" sign posted.

He saw the police and then began walking. They stopped him about a block away and found 13 bags of crack cocaine on him. Clearly this is exactly WHY we have loitering laws. He was probably hanging out waiting to sell in my opinion. The cops did their job. Now the NJ Supreme Court says, "The right to walk freely on the streets of a city without fear of arbitrary arrest is one of the guarantees protected by the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution." When you see a guy loitering at 3 AM next to a sign that says no loitering, especially when it turns out that guy has 13 bags of crack cocaine on his person, it doesn't seem very arbitrary to me. Please, someone, take the handcuffs off the police.