The display in front of Joe Paterno's home last night sickens me.  Hundreds of students chanting "We love Joe" to a man who was just eating it up.

Problem is this is a man who didn't bother calling the police when told Jerry Sandusky was doing something sexual to a young boy in a shower at Penn State.  Doing something sexual, again.  As were the allegations in 1998, which Paterno had to know about.  You're not Joe Paterno without knowing something like this.  Seeing this old man soak up the love in front of his home last night was nauseating.  Imagine being the 20 year old man watching this display on tv, and thinking back to that day about ten years ago when Jerry Sandusky pulled you into a shower and anally raped you.  Knowing now that others knew.  And no one tried to find you.  No one tried to help you.  No one called the police on your rapist to make sure this didn't happen to other boys.  Imagine watching Paterno on tv last night through the eyes of that man.  Hearing JoePa soaking up the love, then almost like an obligatory afterthought mumble something about saying a prayer for the victims, followed almost dismissively by, "...but anyway," then going on with a smile to soak up more love and tell the idiot crowd who puts a football program above innocent children how great they are.  Absolutely disgusting.  I wish I could throw Joe Paterno and everyone else at Penn State who didn't do nearly enough into a time machine, pull them out at ten years old and introduce them to Jerry Sandusky.