It's been two years since we ran a website poll on what Jersey hates to see people do to their cars. At that time, the number one complaint was truck nutz. Yes, those oh so classy fake testicles that hang off people's trailer hitches. Stick figure families across the back window was the number two biggest pet peeve, followed by folks putting the Proud Parent Of An Honor Student sticker on their car.

Jeff Deminski photo

I was in a parking lot Sunday afternoon when I ran across something that made me think we need to update this poll. I took this photo with my phone of what somebody had set up in their passenger seats. These...what do I call them, dummies? props? were so well positioned that I assume they ride like this with them all the time, just to freak people out. After all it's nowhere near Halloween. Yet here you have a werewolf and a skeleton girl riding shotgun.

So it got me thinking of all the crazy things Jersey drivers do with their cars and I think it's time we updated the poll. I have a feeling since it's been two years that the stick figure families won't be so high up on people's pet peeve list. I think the craze is dying out. Take a look at the choices below and pick the one thing people do to their cars that drives you most up the wall. Or pick 'other' and add your personal pet peeve in the comment section below.

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