What would you do when someone hands you $10 at a gas station for no reason at all? Some people in Jersey City recently found themselves in this situation.


Phil Walter, Getty Images

Jemme Adams handed 28 people $10 to put towards their gas. It was all part of Adams' “30 days of kindness" in which he gave people gifts they would never dream of getting from strangers, and asked nothing in return.

On the first day he fed one person. On day 2, he fed two people. The numbers grew with every outing; the acts of kindness ranged from lunch and dinners, to bus fares, to gas, to anything he could think of after leaving work as a manager at E-Commerce in Lyndhurst. Valentine’s Day was day 19, and that’s how many mothers received long-stem yellow roses with a box of chocolate. These mothers were staying at Hope House, an emergency shelter for women and children in Jersey City.

Adams says: "We are all connected... When you show someone kindness, they can take that kindness and give it to someone else." That theory was proven correct at the gas station when Tom Revell didn’t take Adam's money, but instead said: “Give mine to the next person.”

Have you ever performed a random act of kindness? Have you ever had one done for you? Share your stories in the comment section below.