The chicken crossed the road to get to the other side, but no one's sure why Daniel Shi did. Police say the 24 year old stepped out into traffic where he wasn't supposed to and was hit by a slow-moving Toyota Corolla. Apparently not slow moving enough. Shi suffered a non-life threatening injury to his leg and the driver, who stopped after striking the jaywalker, was never charged. When police showed up they determined Shi caused his own accident because he stepped out and crossed where he wasn't supposed to, then issued the injured man a citation.

This happened in New Brunswick where pedestrian safety has been a big effort on the part of police. The department launched a pedestrian safety campaign in May. Across the state, what I call zombie pedestrians have become a problem. I know law enforcement has done their cops in crosswalks decoy campaigns to catch drivers who don't comply with the stricter crosswalk laws enacted a few years ago. But I've always said the pedestrians are just as much to blame. Between misunderstanding the law as meaning all cars anywhere no matter what are supposed to defy the laws of psychics and stop for all pedestrians and the fact that everyone walks around buried in their latest iWhatever, pedestrians are becoming the new deer.