They say that fame doesn't change your character, it reveals it. If that is true, we are learning that Justin Bieber is quite the little a-hole. While I am glad that my life at 19 was not lived out in front of the world, Bieber's actions exceed the kind of trouble most of us got in.

Justin Bieber booking photo (Miami-Dade Police Department via Getty Images)

You have probably heard by now that Bieber was charged with DUI and drag racing in Miami. What I really found galling in the Miami Herald's report was that Bieber's entourage blocked streets with their cars so that he could drag race; screw anybody that needed to get anywhere, like work, or anywhere.

That sense of entitlement is what has always rubbed me the wrong way about Bieber; I don't dislike him because he's young, rich, and successful, I hate him because he's a jerk. The incident at the club when he urinated into the mop bucket in the kitchen is another example of his condescension; he had to know someone would have to empty that bucket, and it would probably be someone pretty low on the totem pole; as if their life isn't bad enough, being a dishwasher (probably) in a restaurant, but today you get to deal with a celebrity's pee. I really don't care one way or another if Justin Bieber continues his success in the music business, I just hope he turns into a better person.