Fresh on the heels of a Quinnipiac Poll that says New Jersey residents disapprove of the huge Rutgers payouts  comes the idea of spending more of our money at Rutgers.

Townsquare Media


In an opinion piece, Steven Goldstein, the associate chancellor of the Newark campus at Rutgers would like to spend money to end the bullying crisis at the school.


Among the recommendations Mr. Goldstein would make to Rutgers President Robert Barchi would be…


  • Create an annual day of mandatory anti-bullying and mutual respect training for every member of the Rutgers community — students, faculty, support staff and administration,


  • Require additional anti-bullying training for players and coaching staff on every athletic team, and require them to speak in primary and secondary schools across the state.


  • Create senior positions at the New Brunswick, Newark and Camden campuses, focusing exclusively on anti-bullying prevention and enforcement. Make sure these administrators rank highly enough not to be stuck in Rutgers’ bureaucracy.


  • Match dollar-for-dollar the money Rutgers invests in the university’s anti-bullying and diversity programs with the money Rutgers invests in settlements with departed sports leaders and the salaries it pays coaching staff.


All of this is going to cost money which is going to come from both the tuition and of course the taxpayers and that means you.


The title of the piece is “A Plan To End the Bullying Crisis at Rutgers University” Do you feel that there is a bullying crisis at Rutgers? If we do this for Rutgers, should we do it for the other state run colleges? Can we afford it? What do you think?  Take our poll below.