In the wake of the basketball program scandal, Rutgers forked over a combined total of $2.1 million to fired coach Mike Rice, and Athletic Director Tim Pernetti and University Attorney John Wolf, both of whom resigned.

Rutgers University President Robert L. Barchi (Andy Marlin/Getty Images)

Today's Quinnipiac University poll asks New Jersey residents what they think of the payouts. You probably won't be shocked to learn your neighbors are not happy at all.

New Jersey voters disapprove 64 - 7 percent of the large payouts to Rutgers University officials who left the university in the wake of the scandal involving the men's basketball coach. Disapproval of the cash payments ranges from 55 - 13 percent among voters in urban areas to 69 - 6 percent among independent voters. Men disapprove 60 - 11 percent, while women disapprove 68 - 4 percent.

"Were those big Rutgers payouts to the ousted trio a reward for bad behavior? They attracted a lot of criticism as the news trickled out," says Mickey Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "Two-thirds of New Jersey voters tell Quinnipiac University they were a bad decision."

Was Rutgers right to fire Rice after a video was released showing him physically abusing players and using gay and misogynistic slurs?

Garden Staters definitely think so. They approve 62 - 12 percent of the decision to fire Rice. Republicans approve 51 - 15 percent while Democrats support the firing 69 - 6 percent.

Voters are split on the future of Rutgers President Robert Barchi, as 25 percent say he should be fired, while 29 percent say he should not be fired and 42 percent are not sure.

From April 19 - 22, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,112 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.9 percentage points. Live interviewers called land lines and cell phones.