Seems that way from my perspective.  It's been less than a year since President Trump was sworn into office. It's been a year of complaints from the loser of the 2016 contest, Hillary Clinton and her allies in the media. Cries of collusion, corruption and down right election manipulation. All accusations against the president have fallen flat without much merit and certainly no evidence of wrongdoing on Trump's part.

Despite what any causal observer should be able to see as major successes, his detractors are so upset and still in disbelief that the first woman president of the United States won't be Hillary Clinton, they vilify his every utterance and every decision.

The president campaigned on creating jobs at home, curbing illegal immigration, strengthening the economy and making government work for people better than it ever has. On pretty much every front, except for the failure so far to repeal Obamacare (See:Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell) the president is on track.

Illegal border crossings across our south western border are down more than 70%. That's without a new wall. Much of this is due to the confidence and professionalism of the border patrol and perhaps the effectiveness of  speeches against sanctuary cities creating a "think twice before crossing" attitude. Just wait till the wall goes up.

As far as job creation, how about the best report on jobs and unemployment in 16 years.    Even before the report the incoming president was making deals to save American jobs before the inauguration

As far as the economy, it's growing and gaining momentum. That growth will only be accelerated by the president's proposed tax plan. On Wednesday the president announced a tax reform plan that would increase the deductions for working and middle class families, close loopholes that the wealthy use to pay less and eliminate the incentives for companies to take their jobs and profits overseas. The potential for long term economic growth is huge which will solve the issue of the initial reduction in federal revenue. The short term benefit to working and middle class taxpayers will directly impact New Jersey's middle class with increases in deductions and a lowering of rates.  All you have to do is look at the history of recent tax cuts and how after a year, they stimulated growth, jobs and increases in federal revenue.

The last point about the initial success of the president's administration is the incredible response to the three natural disasters that impacted communities across Texas, Florida and devastated the entire island of Puerto Rico. The response was swift and effective. Unlike the federal government's failures during Katrina, today's federal response is arguably one of the best in history.

His detractors want to discuss the battle on Twitter over the NFL and want to throw out baseless accusations of collusion with foreign entities to influence an election. All the while the business of managing government is well under way and if this keep up, we're gonna see a Trump Presidency 2.0 starting in January 2021. If you're in an area impacted by job loss or nature's devastation, thankfully there's a leader in the Oval Office making decisions that are truly bringing us back to greatness.

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