Is their something in the New Jersey water that’s bringing out the attitude in New Jersey? I came up with some points that I think may prove that there is definitely something in the water in NJ.

Democrats are dangling the tax cut money in front of Governor Christie who reacts by calling one of them an "Arrogant SOB."


The Point Pleasant Borough Council first tells the bar owners that they have to close at midnight and there’s nothing they can do about it. Then it’s “maybe we’ll let you stay open until 1am” to which the bar owners reply “Stick it up your boardwalk.


In Asbury Park, we’ve got a woman who objects to wearing bathing suits on the boardwalk. I’m wondering if she lives alone and has a lot of cats.


Even the highly respectful and religious New York Jets backup quarterback, Tim Tebow, got into the mix this week with comments about his former back up quarterback in Denver, Brady Quinn.  Quinn had some not-so-nice words to say about Tebow upon Quinn's departure from Denver. After getting a little taste of life in Jersey, Tebow recently fired back at his former teammate.


And last but not least, in Teaneck, we have a guy who pulled a gun on his neighbor for passing gas. That had to have been one hell of a fart! I’d hate to see what kind of tirade this guy would go on if he drove past Exit 13 on the NJ Turnpike by the oil refinery. Yikes! ;)

Keep in mind that all of these incidents are BEFORE the heat wave that starts today!

More and more New Jersey towns are dropping fireworks this Fourth of July, I say who needs them? We’ve got enough of our own!