There are some topics that just don't make sense no matter how much you try to examine them but you'll never get an answer as to why they are happening.

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There are terms being thrown around much more frequently as of ate when people about drug use. The phrases such as "explosion of drug use," or  "expansion of drug use," are used to explain the growth of drug use. While we can call it "expansion" or an "explosion," the one thing no seems to have an answer for is "why" there's such a heightened epidemic.

The Executive Director of the NJ Governor's Council of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Celina Gray, has said one of the things everyone needs to be aware of is that we should refrain from calling people affected by drug and alcohol as "addicts."

Senator Joe Vitale, who called for a hearing yesterday to discuss the council's recent report findings on drug abuse, called in to Jim's show this morning to talk about the rampant drug abuse. Vitale stressed that while drug addiction is nothing new, the use of prescription drugs has skyrocketed, as have the deaths associated with prescription drugs as well.

You can listen to the interview in the audio player below.

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