Last week on my show, we lamented the fact that there is no official sandwich in New Jersey. I find that so hard to believe that in a state with this much appreciation for fine food, we don’t have a sandwich that we could call our own.

Donald Bowers, Getty Images

Something that people who visit, can’t wait to try, it’s just not right. I mean, Philadelphia has the cheesesteak and the “hoagie” (you can imitate the accent while you say it). There is a “California Burger, Texas is known for their amazing Bar B Q, New Orleans has the Po’Boy, even Hamburg has a sandwich, as does Frankfurt.


So what about New Jersey?  I could make a few suggestions, like the Taylor Ham, egg and cheese which everyone else refers to as pork roll, or prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and roasted pepper on fresh Italian bread,  but I’d like to get your take on this.

If you were going to name an official “Jersey” sandwich, something you would like to see on menus all across the state what would it be? Whatever it would be, I guarantee it would be the full sandwch, because in Jersey, we never come up short!  Please leave you comment below.