My father's home (where I grew up) was built in the 1960's. In 2014, he's having some major renovations done!

The two bathrooms are being gutted, and totally redone. Then, the kitchen will get new cabinets, appliances and counter top!

The guys are ripping down wallboard, the tub and commode are gone...the floor has been ripped out, and new floorboard is down. It was pretty wild to stand in the hallway, look into the first bathroom, and see straight down to the basement floor!

Hmmm...what's in those the attic? (Craig Allen photo)

In the above photo, you can still look straight up into the attic..."treasures" in long-term storage.

There's a great deal of banging...some everywhere. Nothing problem!

But, one of the hard hats scattered among the tools caused me to stop, and take a second look:

Really?? (Craig Allen photo)

I didn't know that "Tonka" made hard hats....let alone anything for "adults."

When I think of "Tonka," I think of this:

Was this "Tonka Road Grader" mine...or my brother's? (Craig Allen photo)

the "classic" Tonka Toy.

Look again...

"Tonka" was left next to the power drill at the end of the work day! (Craig Allen photo)

Tonka Toys, of Minnesota,  has been making metal (and since the 1980's, plastic) toys for boys and girls since the 1940's.  Besides the Tonka truck, the company has made dolls for girls, and action figures as well. They were the original maker of "pound puppies!" As a part of "Hasbro," Tonka has also been involved in video games!

Hard Hats? One of the construction guys must be a Tonka fan....a kid at heart...and is "pulling my leg."


Of course, when the name Tonka is mentioned around my dad's home...

My sister, and Tonka, with some of her ribbons...late 1970's. (Craig Allen archives) could be a reference to my sister's first horse, "Tonka."

I'm so confused!

But...the house is going to look GREAT!