Charlotte McCourt is an 11 year old Girl Scout from South Orange who has garnered national attention for an email she sent a prospective cookie buyer in which she was blatantly honest about the various flavors.

Her story has now been covered by Today, GMA, Huffington Post, ABC News and more. Her goal was to sell 300 boxes. Instead, because of the media attention over a very funny in its honesty email, she has sold over 16,000.

It started when her dad had a wealthy friend who lives in Colorado and who may have been interested in purchasing some Girl Scout cookies from her. His reason was to purchase them for troops overseas, which Charlotte thought was a wonderful idea. So she sat down like a little entrepreneurial champ at her father's laptop and fired off an email to the man, selling herself, selling her idea of supporting our troops, and being hysterically honest in her assessment of each cookie's flavor on a 1 to 10 scale.

You may have heard this story, but here's the full email she sent which started her 15 minutes of fame:

"Dear Mr. Michelson,

I am Sean Patrick McCourt's daughter. The only time I ever met you was in Disney World. I have been informed that you may want to purchase a few Girl Scout Cookie boxes for the troops, fighting overseas. Your donation is greatly appreciated by the men and women sacrificing their time and lives for our country. Do feel free to purchase other boxes for yourself, friends, family, coworkers, and other people in your life.

I would like to give you some information on my selling and my troop. I belong to troop 22918. We are a minuscule, but mighty troop of five people. I always sell the most boxes of anyone in my troop. My goal is 300 boxes because that is the number of delectable Girl Scout Cookie boxes I sold last year. I hope you purchase a few boxes from my website. The link is below.

Lastly, I would like to tell you about the cookies, for some of the descriptions use false advertising (note: I am rating all the boxes on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten being best, 1 being worst). Savannah Smiles are like sweet lemon wedges with just the right balance of sweet and sour. This cookie gets a 7 for it's Devine taste. Next is the trefoil. It is a plain butter cookie with pairs well with any hot drink. I would give it a 6 because alone, it is sort of bland. The Do Si Do is peanut butter sandwich. I give it a 5 for unoriginal bland flavor. The Next cookie is the Samoa. I give it a 9 for its AMAZING flavor!

The next cookie is a Tagalog. If you don't like peanut butter, than don't buy it! I give it an 8 for the chocolate/ peanut combo. Next is the thin mint. I give it a 9 for the delectable chocolate/ mint combination. Then come the s'more cookie. If you have a wild sense of adventure, try this. No one has tried it, so I cannot rate it. Last and yes, least is toffeetastic. It is a bleak, flavorless gluten-free wasteland. It is as flavorless as dirt. I give it a 1.

Notice how none of the cookie boxes are a 10? There is a reason for it. The real 10 is donating a box. It helps strike a spark in the treacherous live of those making America safe. Please honor them by donating a box.

Let's recap- I love being honest with my clients The Girl Scout Organization can sometimes use false advertisement These are all only my opinion

Savannah Smile:7
Do Si Do:5
Thin Mint:9
Donating a box overseas:10

Please buy soon."

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