Let's say you have a hankering for a glass of red or white but you're left without a corkscrew. Fear not! All you need to crack open a bottle of wine is a shoe!

With just a shoe, a wall and some determination, you can pop the cork and let the spirits flow. Now, I suggest you try this with an inexpensive bottle of wine and maybe outside before trying to wow your guests at the next party. After all, nothing makes a better first impression than smashing a bottle of red wine all over a friend's living room.

Speaking of wine, The Restore The Shore Wine Tasting Event is Thursday January 30th at Eagle Oaks Country Club in Farmingdale. Tickets are just $35 and benefit Hometown Heroes, 501c3 charity assisting the victims of Hurricane Sandy. And don't worry, we'll have plenty of corkscrews on hand. Everyone will be able to keep their shoes on.