As if January isn't a depressing enough month, at least we have playoff football to get us through it. That is until this week. I really wish they would play the Super Bowl the following week after they determine who will be in it. Instead, we're left with the meaningless Pro Bowl which is a chance to see all the guys who were good in 2017 but not good enough to go to the Super Bowl. What did you do on your first day this year without meaningful football?

  • Vickie Shaw — Videoing eagles at Mercer Park.
  • Patricia Tyson Purks — Cleaning and installing a new window in laundry room... and between watching Rolex24.
  • Bob Iswalt — Sleeping so I can go to work.
  • Butch Budai — Haven’t watched a minute of NFL this whole year. Spend time with family. Go out and enjoy life instead of watching overpaid cry babies banging their heads.
  • Joshua Kocses — Church, Gym, Sun Tanning, then enjoying some fresh legal saliva or indica chocolates while playing guitar for mermaids passing by my front porch.
  • Chris Swendeman — Cooking a nice Sunday dinner then watching the NHL All Star Game then the WWE’s Royal Rumble.
  • Kevin Meara — Read your posts lol.
  • Sheila Reiman Olt — wishing the season was longer, so there would be football!
  • Paul Plumeri — Enjoying myself without it.

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