Jon Bon Jovi's latest tour is called "This House Is Not For Sale" but at one time it almost was, in fact the Sayreville born and raised singer almost shuffled off to Buffalo. Why didn't he go? Two words: Donald Trump.

Bon Jovi opened up to Howard Stern who is going to induct the band into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame about a GQ report saying that the president orchestrated a plan to keep the singer from buying the Buffalo Bills in 2014.

"It’s genius what he did because he was taking out a serious candidate to buy the team and then hope that he would get it at a bargain price," Bon Jovi said. "But we were as real as real got and, you know, I’m brokenhearted because I would have loved it."

Bon Jovi had partnered with Canadian magnates Larry Tannenbaum and the Rogers family in his bid to buy the team and political consultant Michael Caputo told GQ that Trump told him to orchestrate a movement instilling fear that he would move the team. It got so bad in western New York that bars and restaurants were declaring themselves "Bon Jovi Free Zones." Bon Jovi tells Stern not only would he have not moved the team but he himself would have moved to Buffalo!

Buffalo's gain would have been New Jersey's loss, especially when you think about all the good work Jon Bon Jovi has done in and around the Garden State. Maybe if it had come out that not only was Bon Jovi not going to move the team but he himself would move to Buffalo, he'd be there right now and the house would have been sold.

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