When I said I was "diggin' in," I didn't mean literally digging.

A lot has been made recently regarding the practice of digging holes on the beach and what some consider people taking it a bit further than you consider a safe "best practice" for the beach. What?! Threat of nuclear exchanges, racial protests and violence in the streets, illegal immigration, debt, spending, political corruption...meh. Let's attack beach-goers for digging in the sand. Give me a break.

Some of my best memories down the shore are digging holes as a kid. Actually for a period of time we used to dig out a "boat" in the sand big enough to fit three families and posed for an annual summer picture. Half the fun was to watch the ocean reclaim the sand and refill the hole. I understand that people sometimes go a bit far bringing excavation equipment better suited to dig out a foundation for a home, but for the most part, people just like to dig.

Maybe the lesson here, instead of cracking down on beach digging activities would be to remind people to look where they're walking so they don't trip into a hole and break something. As far as kids potentially suffocating by tunneling through the sand, maybe parents just need to be more involved in the digging process and use common sense.

Most deaths occur among boys around 12 years old. Again, parental involvement may go a long way. So save your outrage for more pressing issues and just keep an eye on your kids. Oh, and dig a hole, it's a great way to channel the stress of life in the Garden State.

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