High Energy Lasers are the military's latest defense against drones or airborne ammunition. The lasers are on a mobile transport and can be fired from virtually any location that may need defending.

The lasers have extreme tracking devices in them and as explained in the video, have specific and lethal aim points.

Could you imagine if these lasers were used in shipping wars? As Amazon has discussed using drones to deliver packages to its customers, could you imagine if the competition got a hold of one of these high end lasers? Box stores like Walmart or Target would be firing off lasers into the sky to shoot down Amazon's drones! Packages would be falling out of the sky everywhere, causing mass hysteria! Before you know it, we'd have the "Retail Star Wars." It may like very much like this hysterical Audi commercial, where drones attack.


We're obviously kidding that Amazon would ever be a target by other retail outlets, but this defense does looks pretty impressive. Give it a look for yourself in the video above and see if you agree.